Bringing All The Pieces Together




                                                           June 13th - 16th, 2017

                                                      Clyd Muse Center, Pearl, MS


Together, we are "Bringing all the Pieces Together" to help enhance the quality of life for those directly or indirectly affected by alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse. MAAP’s mission is three-fold: “To provide education, training and certification to professionals in the field of chemical dependency.” In order to effectively carry out its mission, MAAP depends on the generosity of its volunteer members to serve on the Board of Directors of the association, Certification Board and various standing committees.

Are you interested in becoming certified?

Certification for addiction professionals is designed to accomodate and evaluate those who are experientially trained as well as those who are academically trained.   The certification process defines the core knowledge and skill base needed by all professionals regardless of their professional training, orientation or occupation.  The certification process sets a baseline standard for professionals providing services to individuals with alcohol and drug abuse problems.  Such professionals are given recognition for meeting specific predetermined criteria.  The purpose is to assure that quality treatment services are available to individuals with substance abuse problems.  Certification provides a professional credential that can assist employers in selecting competent staff to work with this populations.

Where do I begin?

Begin by looking over the Credentialing pages on our website.  Which type and level of certification are you most interested in pursuing?  Once that is determined, do you meet, or are you close to meeting, the qualifications to submit an application packet and portfolio to the Certification Board?  If so, download and print a request form for the Certification Manual, Application Packet & Portfolio.  If not, consult with your supervisor(s) for assistance in obtaining the appropriate certification for your career goals.  You may need to further your education or obtain additional work experience to meet the guidelines.  Whatever it takes, don't give up!     

Are you interested in Addiction Counselor Training?

As an advocate for training and educating addiction professionals, MAAP is pleased to offer a year-long program, the Mississippi Addiction Counselor Training (MACT) program, which exists to help new and experienced behavioral health professionals improve their skills to better serve persons addicted to harmful chemicals. Completion of the year-long program will provide students with 186 hours of the 270 contact hours required for most credentials. All MACT course offerings are approved by the MAAP Certification Board. 

What are the steps to Certification?
  • Print an application/portfolio packet of the Certification you are pursuing. Under Certification Manual Application/Portfolio
  • Complete the application along with a portfolio of your education, experience, and supervision
  • Submit application and portfolio to Certification Board for approval
  • Take the written exam
Ready to register for Counselor Training?

Courses begin in March, June, September and December of each year. Check the training brochure for more information. If you would like to pre-register for the next course.the forms are under MACT Training.