Certification Board

The Certification Board governs the certification process for MAAP as a proud member of the International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium

The MAAP Certification Board is responsible for for processing applications for initial certification and recertification, as well as overseeing the maintenance of the Ethical Standards of Certified Professionals.

The Certification Board consists of ten members - three of whom serve one-year terms, three of whom serve two-year terms, and three of whom serve three-year terms - along with a Chair or Co-Chairs, who are appointed by the President of MAAP.

The President and President-Elect of MAAP serve as ex-officio members of the Certification Board. 

Certification Board Members

  • Lisa Edwards, ICADC, Chair - Retired, Brandon, MS
  •  Shuana Fletcher, MSW, SAP, CMHT, ICAADC, President & ex-officio- MS Department of Mental Health, Jackson, MS
  • Bernard Matherne, ICADC-I, President Elect & ex-officio - The Ranch, MS, Brandon, MS
  • Gregory Buchanan, ICADC, Harbor House, Jackson, MS 
  •  Jackie Chatmon, ICADC-II, ICPM, MS Department of Mental Health
  • Lisa Edwards, ICADC, Retired, Brandon, MS
  • Bennie Ervin, Jr., ICADC-II, ICCS - Harbor House, Jackson, MS
  • Liddia George, LCDC,  ICADC-I - Pines and Cady Hill Chemical Dependency Treatment Center, Columbus, MS
  • Johnny Johnson, ICADC, ICCS - Jolimar Recovery Center, Summit, MS
  • Pamela Moore, ICADC-II - Harbor House, Jackson, MS
  • Sharon Johnson, ICAADC, ICCS - Adams County Board of Supervisors, Natchez, MS
  • Thomas Shepherd, ICADC, ICCS - Jolimar Recovery Center, Summit, MS
  • Member Emeritus:  Robert F. Tavlin, ICAADC - Retired
  • Member Emeritus:  Albert Stallworth, Sr., M.Ed., ICAADC - Memorial Behavioral Health, Gulfport, MS
  • Parliamentarian:  Donna Hopkins, ICADC - Mississippi Associaton of Supervisors, Jackson, MS
  • In Memoriam:  Katherine Turcotte, ICADC, ICCS - Co-founder of MAAP, Past President (of many terms), Member Emeritus of Board of Directors and Certification Board.