File Complaint

For questions regarding certification criteria, rejection of certification, supervision requests, and ethics violations, contact the Certification Board Chairperson.

The Mississippi Association of Addiction Professionals (MAAP) has instituted a policy on complaints, grievances and suggestions aimed at providing the best possible services to its Membership.

The Reporting Form along with any documentation will go directly to the MAAP President through this email,  No other MAAP Board Member, Employee or Member will have access to this information without it being forwarded directly from the MAAP President.

The MAAP President will respond to each situation or suggestion within seven (7) business days after receipt and will either address the situation personally, forward it to the proper representative, or to the MAAP Board of Directors. Often times more information, clarification or a conversation will be needed to address the situation, so please make sure to fill out your name, phone number(s) and email address. Your information is confidential. No anonymous correspondence will be considered.