Certification Types

Alcohol & Drug Counselor


Certification is based largely on competence derived from knowledge of, and experience in working with, alcoholism and other drug abuse rather than reliance on academic achievement alone. The authority for this certification comes from professionals working in the field of alcohol and drug abuse who share a common concern for development of standards of competence. 

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Clinical Supervisor


The role of supervisor, and/or mentor, has been a part of society for many years. The helping professions have set periods of time for individuals to receive practice training to ensure adequate skills and abilities, usually during internships, practicums and post-graduate work.

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Criminal Justice Addictions Professional


The demonstrated link between alcohol and drug abuse and criminal behavior has resulted in the development of this credentialing process. Individuals seeking this credential must be equally knowledgeable in the activities of the criminal justice system and substance abuse.

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Prevention Specialist


Prevention workers fill a unique role among health and human service professionals. He or she works in a variety of settings, utilize a combination of accepted strategies and recognizes the need to assure quality services to consumers. 

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