Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide education, training and certification to professionals in the field of chemical dependency in the state of Mississippi.

Together, we are “Bringing all the Pieces Together” to help enhance the quality of life for those directly or indirectly affected by alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse.

MAAP was launched by a handful of individuals who shared a vision to promote and participate in the development and recognition of professional standards and resources for alcohol and drug abuse counselors.  The passion and dedication of those pioneers have helped to cultivate a new generation of over 300 gifted and committed professionals that make up this vital organization.

Incorporated in 1983 under the name “Mississippi Association of Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselors,” the pioneers and their increasing number of advocates saw an emerging movement within the alcohol and drug abuse counseling profession that included the areas of prevention and criminal justice.

Recognizing the need to broaden their original vision and to promote the development of a united voice for individuals working as prevention, criminal justice and alcohol, tobacco & other drug abuse professionals, the Board of Directors by majority vote changed the name of the organization in 2002 to “Mississippi Association of Addiction Professionals.”