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Mississippi Association of Addiction Professionals

4785 Old Canton Road, Jackson, MS 39211 ~  601.321.2085

New contacts have been set up with secure emails to the following Directors and Committees.

Please leave detailed messages and don’t forget to leave a good email and contact number. Message and attachments may be sent directly from the website.


a.      Grievances

b.      Suggestions

c.       Ethics Violations

Certification Board Chairperson:

a.      Ethics Violations (from President)

b.      Certification Problems

c.       Supervision Questions

Education Committee Chairperson:

a.      Accreditation Questions

b.      Problems related to MACT Training

Media/Public Relations Chairperson:

a.      Newsletter Articles

b.      Area Events

General MAAP Information:

a.      General information about MAAP

b.      Question about Certification, Membership, MACT Training, Conference

The information on the website under contacts will direct you to the proper location.

If you would like to file an ethics complaint, please use our Ethics Complaint form.

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