General Requirements

For all credentials, initial certification involves a multi-part documentation, evaluation and examination process.

Applicants must complete each of the following in compliance with the MAAP Certification Examining Board and minimum IC&RC requirements to achieve certification at the reciprocal level:

  1. Applicant must live or work at least 51% of the time in Mississippi at the time of application.
  2. Applicant must spend at least 51% of his/her time providing direct service to the population appropriate to the desired credential.
  3. A completed application to include contact information, current employment data, and portfolio of documentation relating to work experience, education/training, and supervision, as well as a signed code of ethics, must be submitted to the MAAP Certification Board for review.
  4. Supervisor's evaluation and Personal Reference forms must be submitted under separate cover by the persons giving the reference.
  5. FOR CADC & CAADC CREDENTIALS ONLY:  A written case, in accordance with the instructions outlined within the Application Packet, must be submitted along with the application and portfolio.
  6. Passing score on the IC&RC International Written Exam.  Exams are administered by the IC&RC's chosen International testing company  Schroeder Measurement Technologies, Inc.  Upon approval of his/her application packet and portfolio, applicants are notified of their eligability to sit for the exam that is specific to the credential they are applying for.  Each applicant must preregister with the MAAP office.


Applicants are responsible for obtaining the following assessments and records for their portfolios. The assessments are to be included as a part of the application packet. The applicant will request that individuals completing assessments and send them to the address specified on the form. The written assessments are subject to verification at the discretion of the Board.

  1. Assessment of skills, attitudes and knowledge by:
    1. The director of supervised practical training.
    2. The supervisor/project director of employing agency.
    3. Three (3) co-workers.
    4. Other persons in the community may provide statements of support of the applicant’s qualifications and these statements will be from individuals other than those identified in A, B, or C above. References shall be related to the applicant’s professional skills and must be sent directly to the Board.
  2. Records of education/training, supervision and experience related to competencies of the credential applied for by the candidate. All records must be accompanied by adequate supporting documentation.

Certification Conditions

Burden of proof regarding fulfillment of certification requirements is on the applicant. Application will be made to the Board and will include records and assessments as outlined in the certification manual, application packet and portfolio instructions. Adequate supporting documents are required. All applications must be reviewed and approved by the Certification Examining Board prior to the applicant registering to take the written test.

  1. Certification will be granted for two (2) years at the credential level applied for by the candidate, and deemed qualified by the Board. Proof of MAAP membership is required. For future reference, please remember that continuous and current MAAP membership is required for certification renewal.  If your membership is lapsed, a rate of $90 plus late fees, per year will be assessed.   
  2. The Certification Examining Board may refuse to act on the application if there is evidence of the individual not meeting the ethical standards of certified professionals.
  3. Certification may be denied, suspended, or revoked by the Certification Examining Board by independent action or upon recommendation of the Board of Directors of the MAAP with proof of gross violations of the MAAP ethical standards of certified professionals.
  4. An applicant who is denied certification may appeal to the Board for a hearing, at which at least six (6) of the ten (10) Board members must be present. If applicant is still not satisfied after this hearing, the applicant may appeal to a special Board of five (5) members, which will be appointed for this purpose. This special Board will consist of the President of MAAP or his appointed representative and four (4) other members of MAAP. None of these four temporarily appointed persons may be members of the Certification Examining Board.
  5. Applicants who fail the IC&RC International Written Exam must wait a minimum of three (3) months before they are eligable to register for the next exam.