The MACT Program offers a series of four “Core Courses” that provide students a comprehensive survey of information essential for developing basic addictions counseling skills.

Class sessions meet Fridays and Saturdays on a monthly basis for twelve (12) months. Classes meet from 8:00 a.m.—5:00 p.m. on Fridays, and 8:00 a.m.—5:00 p.m. on Saturdays. Students may begin the class sessions in March, June, September, or December, and are encouraged to enroll for the full year’s training in order to fully benefit from the course work. The four Core Courses total 180 hours of contact hours, which may be applied toward certification.

The schedule for classes can be viewed on the MAAP calendar by clicking here -  MAAP calendar-icon.jpg Calendar

Core Courses

Addiction Pharmacology (December, January, and february)

To familiarize the student with the basic pharmacological properties, effects, and consequences of alcohol and drug abuse in our society. Provides 45 contact hours of instruction.

Counseling Theories (March, April, and May)

To introduce students to various historical models of counseling addicted clients and to explore the relationship to other models of counseling. Provides 45 contact hours of instruction.

Counseling Skills (June, July, and August)

To develop the student’s skills in basic addiction counseling techniques and theory application. Provides 45 contact hours of instruction.

Counseling Process (September, October, and November)

To acquaint the student with the theoretical and practical aspects of the addiction counseling process. Provides 45 contact hours of instruction.

Additional Curriculum

Ethics for the Addiction Professional

This Training class explores essential ethical issues in addiction counseling. This workshop is held in the Winter and Summer of each year, on the Sunday immediately following the Friday/Saturday training dates scheduled for these months. This workshop is open to anyone interested in the subject. Pre-registration is required and is accepted on a first-come-first serve basis. Effective 01/10/2015 Ethics training will only be accepted by completion of MAAP provided Ethics six hour (6) training course for CADC and CAADC credentials Provides 6 contact hours of instruction.

In Developmental Stage

"Ready to test" Workshop

This class is designed to help prepare you for the IC&RC written exams for Alcohol and Drug Counselor Credentials. Provides 6 contact hours of instruction.

Certified clinical supervisor (CCS)

This course will provide education and insights into the issue of clinical supervision.  It is intended to meet the basic requirements for the Certified Clinical Supervisor credential offered by MAAP.   Provides 30 contact hours of instruction.